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Each year, Golden Ears Athletics elects a Board of Directors. The board meets throughout the year to provide governance to the operation of the club. In addition to the board, as a non-profit society, Golden Ears Athletics is required to hold an Annual General Meeting of Members. All parents of athletes, athletes (of legal voting age) and coaches who participated with the club in the during the season are entitled to vote at this meeting.


There are currently eight (5) Director positions on the Board and each eligible voter is welcome to nominate any member(s) (including themselves) for election to the position of Director of Golden Ears Society for the following year.

Current Board of Directors:

Phil Pitzey

Director - President

Doug Evans

Director - Vice President

Derrick Stevenson

Director - Secretary


Norm Tinkham

Brett Theunissen

Director - Treasurer

Katie Socha

Book KeeperK

Nicola Pitzey



To contact the club or any of the members of the Board, please email

The board works behind the scenes to ensure each season is a success.
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