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New to Track & Field

The world of track and field, like most specialized areas, is full of acronyms. When you are a "seasoned" track athlete or parent, you sometimes don't realize that newer members don't yet know the lingo of the sport, or assume others already know where to find everything. Please ask us questions - we want to help you get off to a great start, so don't hesitate to chat with us. "Like" our Facebook page and watch for email updates.

Since our philosophy is about personal improvement, while ribbons and medals are great, we work with athletes to set realistic, attainable goals and reach their own optimal performance. As parents, you may wish to help your athlete track their performance from meet to meet. Below are forms to help you track their results (JD, High School)). However, feel free to simply have your athlete keep track of their own performance in a notebook. Results are posted typically within 30 minutes of an event at each meet.



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