Online registration for track meets is for GEA members only. Golden Ears Athletics sends coaches to support athletes at track and field meets throughout the Lower Mainland, to provincial and even national championships. Athletes are encouraged to check the BC Athletics website to determine what meets work best for their goals and schedules. Whether you are new to track, or returning, you may find our track meet preparation information sheet helpful.










Below is the list of track meets where Golden Ears Athletics will provide club and/or coach support. You can register for these meets online at the bottom of this page through our registrar.

Please do not limit yourselves to these track meets in the Lower Mainland or further afield. You can register directly for any track meet outside of those that will have coach support. Other families and coaches attend other meets in a less official capacity - the Garriock (Duncan), Elwood Wylie (Nanaimo), and Jack Brow (Kelowna) meets will give your athlete the chance to compete with others from around the province and can tie in nicely to a summer getaway. See the BC Athletics website for a comprehensive list of track and field meets.


  • May 9th, 2020  Eagles Classic Track Meet - Maple Ridge *volunteers required

  • Jun 13-14, 2020 Jesse Bent Memorial Meet - Coquitlam
  • Jun 19-21, 2020 Langley Pacific - Langley

  • June 27, 2020  BC JD Pentathlon Championships -  Kelowna
  •  August 1-2, 2020 - BC JD Track & Field Championships  - Surrey






















Golden Ears Athletics will provide support to our Eagles at the following club events.

  • Jun 13-14, 2020 Jesse Bent Memorial Meet - Coquitlam

  • Jun 19-21, 2020  Langley Pacific - Langley

  • June 27-28, 2019 Universal Track Meet - Surrey

In addition to these two events, the club provides support to athletes at a variety of high school, provincial and national competitions. Athletes should connect with their coaches and check the BC Athletics website for upcoming track and field meets.


For a complete listing of all meets in BC, visit the BC Athletics Website Calendar of Events:

Go Eagles!

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