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No uniform is required for practice, but we recommend that athletes dress for the weather, use layers, bring lots of water. Uniforms are required for competition, however. The Golden Ears uniform consists of a:

* Black, burgundy and gold singlet with the Club logo OR Yellow Dry-fit Technical shirt with the Club logo

* Black running shorts

Every member will receive a “Dry-fit” type training / competition shirt. This can be used for both training and competition. We do have some singlets available for competition use. Athletes also have the option to purchase their own Golden Ears singlet.  These singlets are a fitted design made with a stretchy technical fabric. We also have a selection of Club Gear available for purchase. See our Club Store for details.

Track Spikes







Fortunately, with track and field not a lot of equipment is required to be purchased for athletes The most important piece of equipment needed is a good pair of training shoes. These shoes need to have good support, be relatively lightweight, and be comfortable. We recommend that you purchase these shoes at a store that specializes in running shoes.

Racing flats or spikes are recommended for those athletes, 10 and up, running in track and field competitions. In addition to being much lighter and providing good traction on slippery or muddy surfaces, there is a psychological advantage to wearing dedicated racing shoes. Be aware that you will need to purchase the appropriate spikes for the appropriate surface, as surface conditions will vary. It is important to note that racing spikes can also provide an advantage in cross country racing, where rain, mud and hills can create slippery conditions.


The Club has a limited amount of track spikes in various sizes for rent/use during the season. The rental fee for the season is $20.00 for new spikes or $10 for older spikes with a $50.00 post dated cheque that is returned to you (not cashed) when the spikes are returned at the end of the season. If you are interested in renting a pair, there will be a ‘rental week’ during training in which you can come and have your son/daughter try on the spikes. Watch your email or Facebook for information.


Whether you rent or purchase spike shoes, make sure you purchase additional spikes from the shoe store, as spikes become dull throughout the season and sometimes fall out. We also welcome donations of any gently used track spikes. We would gladly accept them for the benefit of others to use in the future.

Home Base Tent & Equipment

GEA Athletes have an impressive looking tent that they can call their Home Base for away track meets away. The club has also invested in tens of thousands of dollars worth of other training and specialty track and field equipment over the years. It is very important that this investment be protected and well looked after for the benefits of its current members and future athletes to come. We rely on the meets we host, grants, and sponsorship to help raise the funds necessary to pay for this equipment.

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